Oil Mill Fratelli Marini Ascoli Piceno

Extra virgin olive oil

The oil mill Marini is totally produced in Italy from olives grown in Italy. We have two different packages:

- Can 5 l (harvest 2016)
- Bottle 0.5 l (harvest 2016)
Extra virgin olive oil Marche Abruzzo
Oil mill Marini
The mill Marini exists since the end of 1800 and since then has never stopped working.

The mill management has been passed down from generation to generation in the Marini family, thanks to their passion for agriculture and nature.

Between tradition and innovation, company's mission is the production of Italian oil from olives grown in Italy, in order to guarantee an excellent and genuine product, made entirely in Italy.

The real Made in Italy

The MARINI mill uses the traditional method: the olives are clean and defoliated; for the crushing of the olives they use the ancient stone wheels (millstones) which mill the olives. The paste that is obtained by dosing machines is distributed on fiber discs (synthetic today, of plant fiber in the past), called fiscoli, which are placed one above the other in a stack on a trolley, which is then brought to the press to get the olive oil must. At the end a machine separates the oil from the vegetation water and the oil is filtered.

The varieties of oil

The MARINI mill produces extra virgin olive oil through the Milling of local olives, 100% Italian. The oil is produced using the best crops of the variety of olives present in the area: Frantoio, Leccino, Carboncella, Tenera ascolana, Dritta Coratina and Tortiglione.
Oil mill Fratelli Marini Ascoli Piceno - Italy

Info - Contacts

F.lli Marini di Marini Alessandro & C. s.n.c.
Str. Bonifica, 1, zona Marino (ex cartiera) - Ascoli Piceno (Italy)

Stefano MARINI +39 329 3246844
Alessandro MARINI +39 348 7289483
ph. +39 0736 491727
mail: info@oleificiofratellimarini.it

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F.lli Marini di Marini Alessandro & C. s.n.c. | financial headquarters: Via Roma, 41 - 63040 Folignano (AP) ITALY | VAT/F.C. IT00122670441 - CCIAA of Ascoli Piceno - REA: AP-60722 - pec: oleficiomarini@pec.it | ph. +39 329 3246844 | mail: info@oleificiofratellimarini.it
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